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Friday, March 21, 2008

personal story: cesium

If you need to find stories of people surviving then you just need to browse through the long history of posts in here.I joined the cesium group on June 5 2004. Then I had colorectal cancer that had spread to even the outside of my (Yes this may be more than you need to know) rectum, the tumors where visible and exposed. I received my cesium and took the first dose on June 19th 2004.I still remember the amazing results that my wife saw the very next afternoon. The visible tumors had shrunk. The large pale white patches of tissue around my rectum started appear to bruise. The cancer was going into apoptosis in just 18 hours after my first dose. That was three and a half years ago. I know that I may have to keep going back on cesium now and again but the time that I have gained is so precious to me. My son was only two when I was so sick that thought I was going to die in my sleep. Now I have had the time to teach him to ride a bike, fish and even got to see his first crush on a cute little girl.Will I still die of Cancer? I might, but I'm not scared of it any more.I know that I have a good chance of surviving it if it comes back again. And as time goes on there is more information that comes out about self treatment.I think that you will be hearing more about combining MSM with cesium. When I started my self treatment, using DMSO was almost never mentioned. Now you can find some good instruction on using it topically instead of having to ingest Cesium. I was sick too as I took cesium but I did something that almost no one will do. I STUCK WITH IT! It was hard and scary but I wanted to stay here with my wife and kids. And I wasn't going without a fight.

Interview with Dr Bihari about LDN

Low dose naltrexone

I was in Paris the following summer, presenting a paper at an AIDS conference, and I met a woman who had a cancer called malignant melanoma. It starts in the skin, and in her case it had spread to the brain. She had four large brain tumors. The oncologist told her family that she had perhaps three months to live. When I got back to New York, I shipped her the drug from a pharmacy that was making it for our study. She started on it, and her neurological symptoms from the tumors in her brain slowly disappeared. Seven or eight months later she went back to the oncologist, had a cat scan of the brain done, and the tumors were gone.

cancer cure: Bob's story

The following letter was written by Bob's wife, Betty.------------ --This is kind of a long testimonial. Perhaps it will help. Bob not only smoked a pipe for over 50 years, but through most of his working career he was exposed to asbestos. When he found out he had lung cancer, he quit smoking that very day. On November 4, 1999, after x-rays and CT scan, Bob was diagnosed with cancer in both lungs. He had a tumor that nearly filled the right lung and a fist size tumor in the left lung. He also had a pleural effusion in his right lung and had a needle biopsy, during which 2 liters of fluid was drained. His lung was drained twice within 6 months. Bob was given 3 to 6 months to live. They also recommended that he take radiation and chemotherapy, which he refused. His decision was based on the fact that no one could guarantee him more than a few weeks more and also the fact that he had too many friends, acquaintances and his only sister who had cancer and had submitted to all of the conventional treatments, only to have a poor quality of life during their last days. None of them survived. The fact is that the treatments had killed their immune systems and there was nothing left to fight any germ they were exposed to, let alone the cancer. We did some research into alternative treatments, since a few months previously I had spoken to a woman who told me that her husband had previously had stomach cancer and had taken something called Cancell, which is now called Cantron. She said it had cured his cancer. I checked on line and finally found out where to purchase it. Bob began taking the Cantron faithfully on December 23, 1999. In the beginning, he was very weak and tired all the time, but as the months went by and we found Dr. Maras' website and Bob began taking the additional protocol that Dr. Maras recommended, Bob slowly began to regain some strength. It was not a quick fix......the improvement was slow and Bob is not a patient person, but little by little he began feeling better. I had to keep reminding him that it took many years for his cancer to develop and natural treatments don't work overnight. Though Bob has always been normal weight, he has had a sweet tooth ever since I've known him. However, he drastically changed his diet. During my research I learned that sugar feeds cancer. Therefore, Bob stopped eating white sugar, cakes, cookies and his usual desserts. He began eating more fresh fruits & vegetables and very little red meat. Mostly fish, chicken & turkey. I also made him freshly squeezed carrot juice and other vegetable juices. I had to make a schedule so I could keep up with the Cantron & supplement doses. I also devised a way to premix the Cantron & distilled water in advance and use a medicine dropper to put it in cleaned & sterilized "tiny ginseng bottles", which we took with us on trips to the store or visits. The supplements were put in plastic film containers, which we took with us also. It is very important to take these supplements faithfully. Near the end of February of 2001, Bob had a bronchoscopy, a biopsy, CT scan & x-rays. There was no sign of the tumors in either lung and no cancer cells were found. The doctor said "This is the most bizarre case I have ever seen!" These results took a year & two months. The main problem Bob has now is a lot of scar tissue & asbestos fibers in his lungs that is giving him a lot of pain, but we are hoping that too will eventually be gone. Dr. Maras did say that getting rid of the scar tissue & fibers will take a lot of time. Bob was 72 last August. We are thanking God, all of our friends who have prayed for us, and the natural supplements for this miracle. If we can help in any other way please do not hesitate to write or call. Our phone number is 1 305 945 3966. God Bless! Bob & Betty

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